Sisteme casnice complete de tratare apa

Residential aplications

Complete water treatment systems

Dedicated solutions for Vilas - Apartments -Apartment Blocks - Residential neighborhoods

Water softeners - Filtration - Iron removal - Desulfurization - Denitrification - UV Sterilizers - Purification

Car Wash

Custom systems for car wash businesses

Self Service and Classical car wash businesses

Water softeners - Reverse Osmosis - Water filtration

Tratare apa spalatorii auto
Dozatoare apa

Water dispensers

Selling or renting - Residential or Office

Purified water by reverse osmosis with hot and cold functions

Industrial aplications

Complete industrial water treatment systems

We can solve your water treatment problems with the best custom solutions

Demineralization by Reverse osmosis - Water softeners - Filtration - Iron removal systems - Desulfurization - Denitrificare - UV Sterilizers

Sisteme industriale complete de tratare apa
Sisteme profesionale pentru tratarea apei in Horeca


Water treatment solutions for Horeca and Small and medium industries

Water purification -Demineralization - UV Sterilization - Water sotfening - Filtration

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