Water purification

Water purification with reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that uses a permeable membrane to remove ions, desirable molecules and larger particles from drinking water. Reverse osmosis can remove many types of dissolved and suspended chemicals, and is used in both industrial processes and the production of potable water.
The main substances that are reduced are nitrates, salts, suspended particles, ammonium, lead, copper or fluorine, etc. Due to the great fineness of the filtration, the main substances are eliminated in proportion of up to 97%.
A reverse osmosis system installed under your kitchen sink will provide non-stop, simple and elegant purified water at high standards. Your water will be crystalline without problems: unpleasant taste and smell, turbidity, nitrates, nitrites, cadmium, barium, copper, lead, rust, ammonium, sodium, sulphates, zinc, aluminum, chlorides, magnesium, sulphates.
Reverse osmosis systems will bring a comfort and safety to your home. Reverse osmosis has been used extensively in the industry but due to the exceptional quality of the water produced, the reliability and the operating costs have started to be used in homes and offices too. The system construction is very simple and it takes a limited space under the sink.

Reverse Osmosis System with 6 steps EWRO 50

Residential purification system with Reverse Osmosis

osmoza inversa

A residential purification system is the ideal solution for providing clean water for hydration, for cooking and for making coffee and tea. The system fits very easily into the space under the sink.

The system includes:

  • mechanical pre-filtration
  • reverse osmosis membrane
  • post-filtration with activated carbon
  • pressure tank for treated water and water tap
  • connecting elements to the water tap

Unique design and OSMOTIC MEMBRANE is from the largest manufacturer in the world – Expert Water  - with safety elements (hologram).


  • Purified water for consumption
  • Better taste of water, coffee and tea
  • You will no longer care about water supplies
  • You will not waste your time buying water from the store
  • It can also be maintained by a non-specialist
  • Periodic maintenance only involves replacing cartridges, a simple process
  • It is the most environmentally friendly solution - you will not waste plastic anymore
  • Unlike plastic packaging, the purifier does not contaminate water with toxic substances, coming from plastic.
  • The price of consumables is lower than that of bottled water


Reverse Osmosis System in 6 steps

Step 1: For impurities up to 5 microns (sand, rust), the water first passes through the 5 micron PP sediment filter.

Step 2: The water then comes in contact with the activated carbon filter, which removes chlorine from the water and eliminates unpleasant taste, color and odor. The osmosis membrane should be protected from chlorine.

Step 3: The 1 micron PP sediment filter has a big fineness of filtration.

Stage 4: The Osmosis  membrane has the filtration fineness of 0.001 microns and is the most important element of the system.

Step 5: Cartridge in line with activated carbon, eliminates volatile substances and gases and improve taste .

Step 6: Cartridge in line of remineralization - the semipermeable membrane eliminates and the beneficial mineral salts like calcium and magnesium and therefore, it is necessary that these substances be re-introduced into the water in the last stage.



  • montaj osmoza inversa

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Semi-industrial reverse osmosis EWRO 400

Osmoza inversa EWRO 400

This model of Reverses Osmosis EWRO 400 includes:

  • mechanical pre-filtration
  • Osmotic membrane
  • post-filtration with activated carbon
  • a special water tap that can be installed on the sink (also 3 way fauce available )
  • connecting elements to the own water network

In general, the osmotic membrane resists for the period necessary to produce approx. 8000 liters of flat water. A pre-filter cartridge has an average usage time of approx. 6 months. These operating periods also depend on the quality of the raw water (details on this topic can be found in the technical data sheet).

 The contaminants that will be reduced from the water are: unpleasant taste and odor, turbidity arsenium, aluminum, barium, microorganisms, bromides, cadmium, zinc, chromium (Cr3 + / Cr6 +), lead, copper, tannin, nitrates, nitrites, free chlorine, sulfates , radium, sodium, selenium, magnesium, ammonium, chlorides, bicarbonates, etc.

The Reverses Osmosis EWRO 400 has the following functions:

  • PRE-FILTER has the function of retaining sediments and removing chlorine through activated charcoal.
  • Osmotic MEMBRANE eliminates dissolved salts and organic matter. The water is pushed through the membrane due to the pressure generated by its circulation through the network.
  • To eliminate any remaining contaminants, the water passes through a POST-FILTER before reaching the user.
  • If the stock tank is full or the water is no longer consumed, the CONTROL VALVE automatically intervenes to stop the production. In this way, it protects the membrane .
  • There are no leaks.



  • Production capacity: 400gpd - 60 l / h ± 5%
  • Limits Water temperature 5 - 35 degrees Celsius
  • Min-max rejection - 90 - 99%

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Semi-industrial Reverse Osmosis EWRO 800


This model of Reverses Osmosis EWRO 800 includes:

  • mechanical pre-filtration
  • Osmotic membrane
  • post-filtration with activated carbon
  • connecting elements to the own water network

Depending on the quality of the raw water, the reverse osmosis membrane has an average life of about 8000 liters of treated water. The pre-filtration cartridge lasts about 6 months.

The system successfully reduces the following substances from water: radium, tannin, microorganisms, chromium (Cr3 + / Cr6 +), nitrites, sodium, bromides, free chlorine, lead, arsenium, ammonium, nitrates, zinc, aluminum, selenium, magnesium, unpleasant taste and odor, cadmium, copper, bicarbonates, sulfates, turbidity, barium, chlorides, etc.

The Reverses Osmosis EWRO 800 has the following functions:


  • The PRE-FILTER through which water passes holds the suspended particles and removes chlorine through the activated carbon.
  • The water then reaches the MEMBRANE, which due to its very high filtration fineness retains dissolved salts and organic .
  • POST-FILTER has the function to ensure that no traces of impurities remain in the water.


The continuous operation of the system would use the osmotic membrane and therefore, the CONTROL VALVE automatically stops the production of water when the tank is full or there is no consumption.


  • Production capacity: 800gpd - 120 l / h ± 5%
  • Water pressure min-max 1.5 - 7 bar
  • Limits Water temperature 5 - 35 degrees Celsius
  • Min-max rejection - 90 - 99%

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