Water dispensers

Water dispensers

Because we need to drink a quality water anytime and anywhere and the source of water from which we are supplied to the office or home provides only drinking water and not a water of a higher quality (purified water) we need various equipment to it produce a healthy and tasty water

Ima Concept offers you the best option for having a purified water : WATER DISPENSER

These equipments are very easy to install in every space, having inside them the latest technologies in the field of water treatment. The systems can be delivered either with filter technology through Reverse Osmosis with remineralization - the retention is up to 0.001 microns, or by Ultrafiltration between 0.1 and 0.001 microns.

The difference between the two technologies is made at the fineness of the filters, from the tenth part of a micron (Ultrafiltration) to the middle part (in the case of Osmosis)

If Ultrafiltration has a retention up to 0.1 microns and Chlorine due to the activated carbon cartridge with which the dispenser is equipped.

In the case of systems equipped with Reverse Osmosis, the retention of salts and heavy metals will be 98%.

In both versions, the systems are connected to a source of drinking water and will supply you with purified, tasty, and healthy water.

The difference between Expert Water Dispenser System and the competitors it is that Expert Water allows you to adjust the temperature of cold and hot water as you like, avoiding the unpleasant situations when you have to wait for the cooling of the tea because the water temperature is too high or the situations in which the water temperature it is too low.



  1. 5 micron sediment filter: eliminates impurities from 5 microns
  2. Activated charcoal filter retains the chlorine and improves the taste, smell and color of the water;
  3. 1 micron sediment filter: eliminates impurities in water greater than 1 micron;
  4. RO membranes with filtering fines of 0.001 microns: elimination of organic and unorganic, solid-dissolved contaminants, nitrates, radioactive elements;
  5. Activated carbon filter: eliminates volatile gases from the water, enriches the taste of the water;
  6. Remineralization cartridge: reintroduces minerals needed in water.


Technical data:

  • Production capacity (l / h): 7-10 l / h
  • Power supply / power (V / Hz / W): 220-240 V
  • Heating capacity (L / H): 5 l / h at 90-95 ° C
  • Cooling capacity (L / H): 2 l / h at 7-10 ° C
  • Net weight (kg): 25
  • Water pressure used: 1 - 5 bar
  • Maximum Iron concentration: 0.2mg / l
  • Maximum hardness allowed: 10 German degrees.

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